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Milestone Institute is an approved Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) Centre, and administers the admissions tests and pre-interview assessments required by the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, as well as the BMAT required for studying Medicine in the UK.

The main testing period is in October/November, with some tests being offered at other times of the year.


The admissions tests for Cambridge and Oxford Universities and the BMAT for Medicine courses will take place on 4th and 5th November 2020. On both days tests start at 10:00 am local time. To mitigate the risk in a pandemic situation, Cambridge Assessment decided to distribute the tests to two days and to have both paper-based and computer-based tests. Candidates still have to register via a centre and come to the centre to write the test. (If, for an acceptable reason, you cannot come to the centre physically, CAAT allows you to apply for remote proctoring by 21st October, but only for the computer-based tests. You can find more information HERE.)

Each test is only available on one of the two days, so please check carefully which day your test is administered this year. Candidates who register for a computer-based test at Milestone will need to bring their own laptop, the centre will not provide computers.

The test fees are as follows:

BMAT – 45.000 HUF
TMUA – 43.000 HUF
All other tests (including CTMUA) – 15.000 HUF

Registration deadlines:

Registration for November 2020 is now closed.

The centre has a limited number of places and it is possible that places will be filled before the registration deadline. In this case we will close registration earlier. Late registrations will not be accepted.

If you require access arrangements for any reason (e.g. dyslexia), you will need to submit medical evidence in English. Please contact us directly before the registration deadline to discuss options. If you require modified question papers (e.g. large print), you need to register before 25th September.

November 2020 tests

4th November
Computer based BMAT BioMedical Admissions Test – October
—————- ———– —————————–
Paper based CAT Classics Admissions Test
ELAT English Literature Admissions Test
MAT Mathematics Admissions Test
MLAT Modern Languages Admissions Test
OLAT Oriental Languages Aptitude Test
PHIL Philosophy Test
—————- ———– —————————–
5th November
Computer based CTMUA Cambridge Test of Mathematics for University Admission
TMUA Test of Mathematics for University Admission
TSA Thinking Skills Assessment
TSA S1 Thinking Skills Assessment Section 1
————— ———– ———————————
Paper based ECAA Economics Admissions Assessment
ENGAA Engineering Admissions Assessment
PAT Physics Aptitude Test
HAT History Aptitude Test
NSAA Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment


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