Tuition fees & Scholarships

The tuition fee for the academic year of 2022-2023 (consisting of three trimesters) is:

  • Core Programme: HUF 1,000,000
  • Access Programme: HUF 1,300,000

To make the programme accessible to all students, scholarships and the possibility to pay in instalments are available for students in need.

The Scholarship Application Form for the Core Programme is now open, with the following application deadlines:

  • Continuing Milestone Students: the deadline for scholarship applications is Sunday, 23rd January 2022.
  • Prospective Students: the deadline for scholarship applications for
    • those applying to the February round is Sunday, 6th February 2022;
    • those applying to the March round, it is Sunday, 6th March 2022.

The application deadline for the Bridge Scholarship is Sunday, 6th March 2022, for further information please see below.

Scholarship applications will only be assessed upon successful admission to the Milestone Institute.

Apply for a Core Programme Scholarship here!


Our mission is to nurture a community of future leaders within Hungary. It is important to us that, if we are to reach a vision of a transformed Hungary, our future leaders should come from all walks of life and represent people from all backgrounds. We understand that a ‘glass ceiling’ exists for too many.

As a non-profit educational organisation, we want to make sure that participating in our academic programmes is an affordable option for all talented students, regardless of their financial or social background. Through our partial Needs-based and Merit-based, and fully-funded Bridge Scholarships, we ensure that this social mission is accomplished. If you want to join in our mission and support Milestone’s scholarship fund, please reach out to our Fundraising Coordinator, Dalma Szentpály at

Successful scholarship applicants will receive financial support towards the cost of the Core Programme in the form of a tuition fee discount, expressed as a percentage of the programme cost.

For students admitted to the Access Programme, the only scholarship option available is the Bridge Scholarship, which covers the tuition cost in full.

Scholarship holders at the Institute must fulfil additional requirements alongside their studies, such as:

    • matriculating the year successfully;
    • maintaining a high attendance rate;
    • being an active member of at least one Student Life Society or Club;
    • attending events (for example, fundraising events) at the Institute.

Successful applicants will work closely with their mentors and their Year and House Heads to ensure all requirements are met. Should a student’s performance be found unsatisfactory, their scholarship may be revoked and is subject to repayment.

Milestone currently offers a range of scholarships for both continuing and new students in the Core programme, all offered for one Academic Year only and each with varying criteria for eligibility. For more information on each scholarship type available, and which one may be right for you, please see the details below.

Needs-based Scholarships

As part of our overarching goal of increasing student mobility, Needs-based Scholarships are available to students from lower-income backgrounds continuing their studies or admitted to any of the four Core Programme Years (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior).

For students with a disadvantaged/multiply disadvantaged social background and/or who identify themselves as members of the Roma community we offer our needs-based ‘Bridge Scholarship’: to learn more about it, please see further below.

The assessment criteria for Needs-based Scholarships include: the family’s monthly income per household member, any regular expenses due to chronic health conditions of household members, the distance between the applicant’s home and the Institute, and any other relevant circumstances. As applications for Needs-based Scholarships require the submission of a number of supporting documents, we strongly recommend that students start the application procedure in time.

Bridge Scholarship

We believe in equal opportunities, in value-driven, critical, reflective as well as forward-looking knowledge and in collective social responsibility. Therefore, we are committed to creating an environment for our students where various socio-economic disadvantages are overcome and where diversity is a core value that promotes students’ resilience and is key to their long-term success.

The Milestone Access Programme offers a unique educational and community experience, where, in line with the Institute’s commitment to social responsibility, a key aspect is the participation of talented scholars from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in the programme. They are the Bridge scholars of Milestone, a cohort of socially disadvantaged and/or marginalised Romani students with exceptional academic and leadership potential, who receive a scholarship that covers their Access Programme tuition fee in full.

The assessment criteria for the Bridge Scholarship are the same as those listed above for Needs-based Scholarships, with the additional consideration of applicants’ disadvantaged/multiply disadvantaged social background and/or identification as members of the Roma community, if applicable.

The Application Form for the Bridge Scholarship will open by 22nd October 2021.

Merit Scholarship

The Institute awards Merit Scholarships to both continuing and new students in the Core programme who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual potential, notably through successful participation in academic competitions: our Merit Scholarship holders have generally excelled at national, regional and international academic competitions and Olympiads. In addition to competition results, assessment criteria also include student leadership activities, participation in research and projects, and

  • for continuing students: their previous participation in Milestone’s programme, in terms of both academic achievements and Student Life;
  • for new students: their performance during the admissions process.

Merit Scholarships are also conditional: they may be revoked and are subject to repayment if the student’s academic performance is found to be unsatisfactory

Lyons Scholarship

The Lyons Scholarship is available thanks to the generosity of the reform congregation of the West London Synagogue. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the number of Jewish children from underprivileged backgrounds who could benefit from the Milestone Institute’s outstanding, internationally recognised education programme for Hungarian students with high academic ability and strong leadership potential.

The scholarship is needs-based, targeting newly admitted or continuing students in the Core programme, who are of Jewish heritage and identity (i.e. with at least one Jewish grandparent or converted Jewish status). Students who wish to apply for this scholarship need to answer questions related to their Jewish identity and heritage, with their responses assessed by representatives of the West London Synagogue.

In order to be considered for the Lyons Scholarship, it is also compulsory to submit a Needs-based Scholarship application, assessed by the Institute, according to the criteria described in the relevant section above.

Bulgarian Minority Scholarship

Due to the long-standing collaboration between Milestone Institute and the Bolgár Országos Önkormányzat in Hungary, this Core programme scholarship type is made available for continuing and newly admitted students who belong to and are active members of the Bulgarian minority community. Bulgarian Scholarships are jointly funded by Milestone Institute and the Bolgár Országos Önkormányzat, with applications submitted to and assessed by the Önkormányzat. Once the Institute is informed of the scholarship decisions, the Bulgarian Scholarship fund is distributed equally among all successful applicants.

7th District Scholarship

The Milestone Institute is proud to call the 7th District of Budapest its new home at Wesselényi utca 17. We are happy to have become part of this community and have set up a dedicated scholarship fund for continuing or newly admitted Core Programme students whose place of residence or secondary school is in the 7th district and whose needs-based and/or merit-based scholarship application is successful. Therefore, students interested in this scholarship type have to submit a Needs-based and/or Merit Scholarship application as well, the assessment criteria for which are described above.

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