Upper House

Head of Council

Eszter Csordás

My name is Eszter Csordás and I am your new Head of Council. Having this title is a huge honour and I am very excited to explore all the possibilities my Council and I will be able to do this academic year with it. I had the pleasure of being a part of the student life as a representative last year and I saw how many things the Milestone community can achieve if we put our mind to it, even in these crazy times. I hope to keep up this motivation, involvement and curious mindset this year and encourage more and more people to be an active part of the amazing student life Milestone really has. My goal is to make sure that every student knows their ideas and voice matter and that the Council is the place where these ideas become reality. Our events and projects have all of you in center; we want to show you how many possibilities, academic opportunities and what big of a community you all have around you. If you have any questions or ideas never be afraid to contact me or your representative. I am always available on messenger/Facebook and happy to answer to anyones concerns.

Deputy Head of Council

Áron Péchy

As the Deputy-Head of the Student Representative Council my purpose is to organize events that are not only entertaining but also builds the future of Milestone as a whole and most importantly the future of its students. Last year I had the most student leadership positions in the whole institution, I was the President of the Rowing Club,  the Head of Freshman Year and the Secretary of the History Society. Therefore Milestone granted me the Active Leader Award at the end of my first year here. Currently I am also the President of the Debating Society and one of the Co-Vice Presidents of the Milestone Feminist Club. 

My past experiences with the Council and Student Leadership in general allow me to be able to help you during your Milestone journey, answer your burning questions and discuss your ideas.

Junior Representatives

Efraim Tóth
László Varga