Upper House

Head of Council

Kinga Pőcze

 As a Senior student this year, I wanted to leave a mark at Milestone, thus applying to become Head of Council seemed the best decision for that. I see the Institute not only an outstanding opportunity to excel academically, but as a chance to create ever-lasting bonds with people from all fields of life. This is also my goal, as a Head of Council, to develop the community and to help students to find something extraordinary. Milestone Families, connecting the societies and inviting Alumni to share their experiences are all for this cause. I believe that as a strong community of educated young people, we will be able to act together and change some parts of the world.

Deputy Head of Council

Eszter Fülöp

I am currently a Sophomore at the Milestone. I joined the Council last year as one of the Freshman representatives. Then, I joined to step out of my comfort zone, to gain experience and to develope my leadership skills. During that year I realized how undervalued is the Council among the students.  This year I became the first ever Deputy Head of Council of the Milestone’s Student Council, because I wanted to change that. The Milestone, and the Council in it, offers a tremendous amount of outstanding opportunities to everyone who wants to socialize or to learn about something new. Especially this year, everybody needs a little bit more help to socialize or to just to get through the whole year, so my goal as a member of the SRC is to help the students of the Milestone. Even if they just want to talk or if they have a whole program idea and they need help make it happen, I can say in the name of every member of the council, that we would be more than happy to help.

Senior Representative

Anna Sáránszki

I joined the institute in Junior year, so the beginning of my journey at Milestone was not an easy ride, to be completely honest. Since I wasn’t this typical ‘social butterfly’, (now I know that is completely fine), it was really hard for me to find friends and feel comfortable . After my first year I decided to attend the fabulous Berlinale-trip, organized by the Arts Society – which was way out my comfort zone – , I realized that all these new people are not so scary at all! This experience motivated me to apply to be part of the Student Representative Council! This was the perfect fit for me because I was always passionate about helping others and creating events and building community! Being the Senior Representative, for almost a year now, challenged me in many ways and opened up new horizons and helped me to improve as a person! Therefore I would like contribute to it as much as I can and my overall goal in the Council is to make Milestone a safe, friendly and welcoming space for all students and I want them to experience such amazing things I had experienced in the past two years!

Junior Representatives

Bence Kövesi

Since the beginning of education, I have always been seriously involved with Student Life and its representative bodies. When I joined Milestone it was evident for me that I want to do the same, because Milestone gives the opportunity to the students to shape and change the Student Life radically. I enjoy organizing and planning so when I saw the opportunity to run for the Representative role of my year-group naturally I took it. I believe the SRC should be encouraging discussion and communication between the students and the Academic Team while serving as a platform for students to communicate their problems and questions that they do not want to discuss with their mentor or anyone else. I believe with my extroverted communication style and my efficient problem-solving skills, I can be of the utmost help. A bit about myself: my academic focus is engineering and 3D printing, however, I have an affection for politics and economics too, hence I put a huge focus on them in my free time. I love debating, I am part of the professional debate team of Milestone and I think debating is one of the most valuable experiences that Milestone gave me. I also enjoy martial arts, I have been doing Savate for 8 years and recently started Krav maga. I also skate and I am an utmost fan of hip-hop and hip-hop culture. Feel free to approach me with anything that you think I could be helpful with, as a Student Representative I will be more than happy to help.

Barnabás Paulik