Upper House

JUNIOR Student Representatives:

Dóri Tolnai – Head of Council

My experience with organisation, communication, and social media has been growing since last academic year, when I was in my Sophomore year at Milestone. As the Sailing Club Recruitment Offices, we organised many great events with my committee and I was also in charge of communicating with the club’s members by email and social media. From this experience I believe I got a great insight into event organisation and developed my social and leadership skills. Last academic year I also worked as member of the Student Council’s communication team, which really helped me further improve in these fields.This year I am a Co-Vice President of the Sailing Club, so now I play a more central role in the club. I would love to further develop these skills with also becoming part of the Student Representative Council, represent my year group, and contribute to student life the best I can. I hope to serve all Junior students not only Council Representative but Head of Council, with my communicative, hard-working attitude and commitment to the Milestone community.

Benjámin Nagy

This is my second year at Milestone, but I have become very active only recently. I, for one, have always found Milestone intimidating, but as I got more into societies and clubs, this feeling started to fade. I believe that experienced students who know the deal shall represent the rather silent or newcomer laikas here at Milestone. I want to join the student council so I can be your voice. I shall be your voice, collect feedback, organise socials and improve Milestone where I can. We all have a bright future laid in front of us. We all have values that we want to give to the world. As Representative, I can make Milestone a more familiar place, where you can be heard. I  offer an honest, reliable, hard-working student council representative who is also entertaining company. I am passionate to be a member and representative of such a wonderful community with amazing people.

Dóra Berkes

A good, productive relationship between the student body and the academic staff is a key element in an educational institute’s – such as Milestone – success, and I want to ensure that current state of the staff and the students working effectively together stays this way. I have experience in the area, since I handle most of the dialogue – from the student’s side – between my class and the teachers at my own high school whenever a problem occurs.
But I want to broaden my repertoire and learn how to operate in such official situations in a
diplomatic and fair way while also doing my share in the student life here at the school. I was also one of the
organizers of the first Milestone MUN Conference (MiMUN). I’m also very motivated to learn more about the
factual side of organizing – coming up with ideas, brainstorming or finding creative ways for promoting a material has never been a problem for me. The SRC seems like the perfect place to channel my ambitions into and learn skills that will be essential during my adult life.

Ákos Pál Varga

For students, studying takes up most time and energy and is one of the most important things in our lives currently. For this reason, it is essential to establish and maintain an environment that makes everyday life and studying comfortable for every student. That is why I co-created the Welfare Officer title in the Student Council of my High School. As I have been caring about these issues with commitment and success, I am pleased to represent my
Year Group within Milestone as well. I was also the Welfare Officer for my year group at Milestone last year as well and successfully catalysed a few institute-wide changes for each and every student within.

SENIOR Student Representatives:

Zsófi (Sophie) Dara

I am dedicated to help all Senior students have the best Milestone experience. As I have been an active member of the Institute for three years now, I understand it might be frightening at first to have your voice heard, to express your thoughts about how the Institute works and your experiences here. For this reason, I believe that every student should have a support system, similar to a mentor, but less formal. As Representative, I hope to be this person they can rely on in any situation and to whom students can come with questions at any time.
As the re-elected President of the Debating Society, I love interacting with fellow students. I am extremely social and enjoy helping students. Furthermore, as Representative one should be alert to and work alongside the Student Life leaders: the Presidencies of the Milestone Societies. Being a part of that team myself and having friendly relationships with the others, I will thrive for further cooperation. Overall, my goal as the Senior Rep is to help all students new and old fit in at Milestone, to grant them the opportunity the best of Milestone life.