Internships & Volunteering

Given the Milestone Institute’s commitment to solidarity and democratic values, all students are expected to engage in some from of volunteer work during their participation in the programme. Exploring social and political concerns, both academically as well as through practice, is essential for becoming an active citizen and future agent of social change. Mentors are responsible for both motivating as well as assisting students in finding a cause they can identify with and making sure that students pursue related volunteering opportunities. Professional conduct, punctuality, reliability and enthusiasm are required of all students when they volunteer, in their capacity as representatives of the Milestone community.


AFS is an independent, international, non-profit oriented, volunteering-based organisation, which provides opportunity for intercultural education.

Amnesty International

The Amnesty is the largest international organisation that fights abuses of human rights worldwide

András Pető Conductive Education Institute

The institute, through conductive pedagogy, provides assistance in the improvement of lifestandards to people of any age with motor disabilities.

Animal Shelter of Budaörs

It is an animal shelter provide care for dogs and cats.

Apoyo Positivo

Apoyo Positivo is a Spanish human rights NGO that focuses on sexual and reproductive rights, sexual education, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Artemissio Foundation

The main goal of Artemissio Foudnation is the integration of different cultural groups, and the promotion of international cultural and scientific relations.

asbl Gratte secteur de Bruxelles

Gratte is a Belgian youth NGO dedicated to organising summer camps that bring together mentally handicapped and non-handicapped children.

Association for Conscious Society

The foundation was established as an independnet, non-profit, public-benefit organisation with an aim of improving the social environment through education, information provision and efficient programmes.


Bagázs is a public-benefit organisation that fights for an inclusive and tolerant society, where roma people have a chance to reach their goals.

Balaton Museum

The purpose of the museum is to raise “the cult of Lake Balaton” and collect and present the historical, geographic, natural historical, ethnographic and “cottage industrial” memories of “Lake Balaton region.”

Budapest Hall of Art

The Budapest Hall of Art is a contemporary art museum.

Budapest History Museum

The museum collects the capital city’s, Budapest’s, historical documents and relics.

Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts presents a collection made up of international non-Hungarian art including all periods of European art.

Budapest Santa Claus Factory

The Santa Claus Factory is one of the most widespread and long running charity events in Budapest.

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is the oldest zoo park in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world.

Budepst Design Week

The Design Week was initiated with the objective of contributing to raising social awareness of the economic and social role of design, enhancing trust in design and facilitating communication between the actors of this field.

Buvero Camp

Buvero camp provides media education to women of the disadvantaged roma minority in order to improve their employability on the labour market.

Cambridge Oxfam Group

The Cambridge Oxfam Group is a group of volunteers in the Cambridge UK area who, in their spare time, help Oxfam by local fundraising with events and collections to pay for emergency and development work in the developing world.

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado is a nonprofit hospital for children, providing comprehensive medical services.

Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute is a non-profit public educational organization, whose aim is to promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges.

CREDO Foundation

The Foundation’s main aim is improving the social conditions of Roman nationals living in Békéscsaba, and helping the Roman minority in its cultural activities and in saving its cultural heritage.

DC Central Kitchen

The DC Central Kitchen develops innovative social ventures that aim to break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

Democratic Youth Foundation

DIA is a public-benefit non-profit organisation, whose mission is to provide learning opportunities to the youth, so through experience they may acquire democratic values and manners.

Design Terminal

Design Terminal is the agency for creative industries in Budapest.

DocuArt Film Center

DocuArt is a Budapest located documentary film center run by Palantír Film Foundation, a non-profit film industry organization.

Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe.

EUGEO Congress

The aim of EUGEO is to represent its members at the European level and to coordinate and initiate joint activities of the members to advance research and education on the Geography of Europe.

Ferenczy Museum Centre

Ferenczy Museum Centre is a country-wide network of Hungarian museums.

Finnish Embassy Sunday School

The school is run by the local finnish community and supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

Foundation for Africa

The Foundation for Africa is a public benefit organisation for development and aid created by a civil initiative.

Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Library

The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is the only public library network in Budapest.

German Red Cross

The Red Cross is a the most prominent and widespread international relief organisation.


Greenpeace is a significant international environmental organisation that functions as a politically and financially independent organisation in Hungary.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Haza és Haladás Foundation

The Haza és Haladás public-benefit foundation is a think tank founded by Bajnai Gordon, once Prime Minister of Hungary.

HBLF Romaster

The aim of the programme is to increase the sufficient language proficiency and high-level qualification within the roma society in order to improve their competitiveness and equality of opportunity on the labour market.


HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network.

Heim Pal Children’s Hospital Neurology Department

The hospital’s neurology department’ activity covers the whole profile of child neurology.

Holocaust Memorial Centre Budapest

The Holocaust Memorial Centre is one of the few nationally established institutions of its kind in the world.


Humana People to People is a network of development organisations that aim to fight poverty.


Humusz is a Hungarian environemntalist association that aims to present accessible low-waste, pro-environment solutions and lifestyle patterns.

Hungarian ADHD Foundation

The Hungarian ADHD Foundation’s aim is to help children struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Hungarian Aphasia Association

The Hungarian Aphasia Association is a healthcare rehabilitation provider.

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union


The HCLU is an independent non-profit legal aid organisation that strives to educate citizens about their basic human rights and freedoms.

Hungarian Down Foundation

The Hungarian Down Foundation focuses on improvement of self-sufficiency of mentally handicapped children, and support to family members.

Hungarian Hospice Foundation

The foundation provides indivdual, free nursing and pain relief, and spiritual healing for family members of patients struggling with incurrable cancer.

Hungarian League against Cancer

The Hungarian League against Cancer covers a wide range of services from health education, screening organisation and promotion to courses and spiritual and legal help.

Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism

The Hungarian Trade and Tourism Museum is a national specialised museum, whose collection covers the history of national trade, catering and hotel industry, and tourism.

Hungarian National Archives

The Hungarian Nationl Archives is a public institution collecting and guarding documents regarded as national treasures.

Hungarian National gallery

The Hungarian National gallery is the largest public collection of fine arts in Hungary.

Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum is well-known for its collection of Hungarian historical items and relics.

Hungarian National Skating Federation

The Hungarian National Skating Federation is the main coordinator of the competitive skating in Hungary.

Hungarian State Opera House

Hungary’s only theathre concretely specialised for opera and ballet.

Hungarian Theathre Museum and Institute

The Institute has been established to research and scientifically process the traditions of hungarian theatre and performance arts.

Hungarian Women in Science

The association fights for equal opportunities, and the integration and recognition of the knowledge and contribution of both sexes in the social and technological innovation process.

Hungarian-African Union

The Hungarian African Union is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to international aid and development activities focusing on Africa.

I. Department of Child Care

The clinic provides comprehensive medical services for children.

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation works to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

II. Department of Internal Medicine

The Department has a prestigious tradition embracing nearly all aspects of internal medicine.

Ilyés Gyula Children’s Library

The Children’s Library provides valuable services to children and youth with its rich collection of books, journals, multimedia and internet access.

Indian Cultural Centre in Budapest

The aim of the Indian Cultural Centre is strengthening the cultural ties between India and Hungary.

Institute of Political History

The Political History Institution supported by the Political History Foundation is the only research institute in Hungary outside the current state system, where historiographical and social theory research is conductible.

International Cseperedo Foundation

The foundation aims to support and improve the life standard of children struggling with communicational and social hardships, mainly with autism.

Italos Karton Environmental Union

The Association is engaged in the presentation of juicebox’s environemntal advantages and the promotion of selective waste disposal.

Jane Goodall Institute

The network of institutes aims to protect animals, the environemnt and humans in Africa and all around the world.

JDC Szarvas Summer Camp

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is a New York based Jewish relief organisation that organises and takes part in the Szarvas Summer Camp in Hungary.

Katona József Theatre

As one of the most well-known and prestigious theatres in Hungary, Katona introduces the problems and the most prominent questions of our society with modern and innovativ methods.


The Christian Democratic People’s Party is one of Hungary’s regime changing parties and the most outdtanding representative of Christian values in the Hungarian political life.


Kerekerdő is a children’s paper introducing the exciting and amusing life of the forest’s inhabitants.

Kiscelli Museum

The Kiscell Museum presents the 18th-21st century history of Budapest, and of its inhabitants.

Kite Studios

Kite Studios is a West London based creative oasis, offering quality education in a wide range of art disciplines.

Lane Changer Foundation

Change-Lanes Foundation is a non-governmental organization supporting the social and labour market reintegration of all people involved in criminality in any ways.


Politics Can be Different is is a Hungarian green-liberal political party.

Ludwig Museum

Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art collects and displays masterworks of modern and contemporary art.

Malta Charity Group

The Group is one of the largest Hungarian Catholic charity group and public-benefit organisation.

Mediatheque Guy de Maupa

The Médiathèque Maupassant is a multimedia library located in the city of Bezons, a suburb of Paris.


Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants is involved in promoting the social integration of foreign citizens migrating into Hungary, as well as Hungarian and other citizens emigrating from here for more than twenty years.


MEOSZ is one of Hungary’s largest non-governmental organisation that is engaged in representin and protecting the interest of handicapped people.


Migrants’ Help Association (Mighelp) is a non-governmental organisation established by refugees and their supporters in Budapest to empower refugees and migrants and to facilitate their integration into Hungarian society.


Migration Aid is a volunteer civil initiative to help refugees arriving to Hungary reach their assigned refugee camps or travel onwards.


MIigSzol is an independent Hungarian group of citizens, immigrants and refugees, which advocates the realization of social and poltiical rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary.

Muesum of Ethnography

The museum’s permanent exhibition called “The Hungarian people’s traditional culture” presents the Hungarian people’s culture through the everyday live’s and (festive) objects of the peasentry.


Nanushka is a Hungarian fashion brand that embodies the urban escapist woman, who is always in the traveler state of mind.

National Szécheny Library

The Hungarian National Széchenyi library is the country’s national library, hence it’s responsibility is collecting, processing, guarding and making accessible all Hungarian written cultural heritage.

Open Society Archives

OSA Archivum is an archival repository and laboratory that aims to explore new ways of assessing, contextualizing, presenting, and making use of archival documents.

Örkény Theatre

Örkény Theatre is a small, relatively young Hungarian theatre, which was formerly part of the Madách Theatre.

Palace of Magic of Budapest

The Center of Scientific Wonders (Csodák Palotája) is the first science center, interactive scientific playing space and entertainment center in Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe.

Pioneer Festival

Pioneer Festival is a two-day event that unites the most promising tech startups with the world’s top investors and executives.

Red Cross

The Red Cross is a the most prominent and widespread international relief organisation.

Regional Environment Center

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe is an international organisation with a mission to assist in addressing environmental issues.

Researcher’s Night

Researcher’s Night is Hungary’s largest science promoting event series.

Rotary International

Rotary is a global network of neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change, social improvement in communities at home and abroad.

Secours Catholique Caritas

Secours Catholique is the French branch of the international aid organisation Caritas.

Smiling Hospital Foundation

The Smiling Hospital Foundation’s mission is to uplift spirits of sick children in hospitals as a contributing factor to speed up the recovery process.

Studo FM Radio

Studo FM 96.3 is a radio station in Zalaegerszeg.

Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe.

Szilágyi Erzsébet Child Home

Szilágyi Erzsébet Child Home is a Budapest based social childcare institute.

Szimbiózis Foundation

Simbiózis Foundation focuses on helping handicapped people in their social integration.

The City is for All

The City is for All fights for a reasonable housing policy, the protection of homeless people’s rights and interests, and against homeless people’s negative judgement.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award programme, giving 14 to 24-year-olds the opportunity to be the very best they can be.


UNICEF is the largest and most prominent international organisation that safeguards children and their interest.

Vadaskert Child Psychiatry Hospital

Vadaskert hospital is a psychiatry institution for children and youngsters.

Van Jövőd Alapítvány

The Foundation is a vocational guidance, career planning, skill development centre for youngster aged 12 to 22.

Vasarely Museum

The Vasarely Museum is Central and Eastern Europe’s richest Vasarely collection, which was donated to the Hungarian state by the artist himself.


Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is the only human rights documentary film festival in Hungary.

Volt Festival

Volt Festival, organised in Sopron, is one of Hungary’s largest music festivals.

Youth for Understanding

Youth for Understanding is an international non-profit organisation that helps the development of high-school students towards a more open and inclusive worldview through educational programmes.

Zachor Foundation for Social Rememberance

The aim of the Foundation is to raise awerness through education about the dangerous phenomena of racism, anti-semitism, and prejudice.