The Milestone Institute provides personalised education for secondary school students, an area in which we have fulfilled a leading role since our foundation in 2010. Our domestically developed, internationally recognised English-language programmes, delivered alongside secondary school, provide intellectual development and academic immersion, helping our students to find the academic area best suited for their interests and abilities, so that they can become successful, independently thinking people. Our unique educational programmes were designed to nurture a community of future leaders who are committed to creating a competitive Hungary in the 21st century.

TOP 10

among the TOP 10 international schools according to The Telegraph

The British newspaper has identified the international institutions from which most students enrol at Oxford and Cambridge. In this ranking, in 2021, our Institute was ranked in the top 10 alongside Fazekas Mihály Gyakorló Gimnázium in Budapest.


admission offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge

In the history of our Institute, our students have received 176 university admissions offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, providing them with the opportunity to study at one of the top 5 ranked higher education institutions in the world.


admission offers from QS Top 100 universities

Since 2010, 1200+ of our alumni have received an average of 1.9 offers of admission to the best universities in the world, all of whom we are very proud of!

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In the first year we had 5 students, and over the past 12 years we have grown into a diverse and vibrant student community of hundreds in each academic year.

Education Programmes

The Milestone Institute’s tutors are highly qualified academic and industry experts, researchers and business leaders who understand our philosophy and the world of science and business. 100% of them hold a university degree and 37% a doctorate. They are not only engaged in the steady progress of our students, but they also continuously take part in our developmental internal training to support and educate our students at greater levels every day. Their specialties cover a huge range from architecture, state theory and complex mathematics to genetic engineering or art history.

Education Programmes

Our modules are interactive sessions in small groups that cover a wide range of disciplines and topics, rather than a single subject or field of study, thanks to our interdisciplinary approach. Some of the most interesting modules in recent years have included Middle Eastern Religions, Astrophysics, Genetic Engineering, Designing Space, Imperialism and Modern Politics, Industrial Organisation, Linguistic Code Breaking, Drug Discovery or Ventures, a collaborative, gamified fun learning experience where teams of 3-4 students “take over” the management of FORTUNE 500 companies.

Education Programmes

Milestone Knowledge Port gathers, produces, and applies national and international knowledge. The local channeling of this knowledge is facilitated by programs, projects, and other forms of cooperation realised by the diverse community of the Port, made up of Milestone alumni, members of the Hungarian diaspora, and representatives of national and international scientific, economic, and cultural life. Our goal is to facilitate alumni and members of the Hungarian diaspora return home from abroad, and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the country.

Alumni community