The Association aims to contribute to the long-term development of Hungary through the education of a new generation of internationally recognised, competitive, socially sensitive young people committed to the country’s concerns.

In 2020, the Milestone Institute separated its non-profit and for-profit activities, strengthening the support and development of its education system.
We attach importance to the dissemination and transfer of good pedagogical practices and experience in the field of education, and to the development of educational institutions, systems and communities through operational and pedagogical programmes.

Our for-profit activities provide us with the opportunity to achieve these objectives, while continuing our partnerships with companies, institutions and other economic operators.

In addition, the non-profit form of association gives us the opportunity to apply for grants, receive donations and develop a permanent circle of supporters for the Institute, thus supporting the promotion of education for socially deprived and disadvantaged students.

The Milestone Institute’s education in Budapest is run by the Milestone Education Association, so students participate in the Association’s programmes as patron members.

Details of the Association

Exact name of the Association Milestone Oktatási Egyesület

Location: 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 17.

Tax number: 19296425-1-42

Contacts: // +36305675499

Association documents (in Hungarian):

Deed of Association

Disclosure Statement 2023 / Additional Supplement

Disclosure Statement 2022 / Additional Supplement

Disclosure Statement 2021 / Additional Supplement

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