They are the CEE region’s leading design and innovation lab backed by MBH Bank. Since 2018 they have been consciously building a design ecosystem that specializes in the banking industry.

International ACAC

International ACAC is a volunteer and member-driven organization. It facilitates global interaction among counselors and institutions in support of secondary students transitioning to higher education while promoting professional standards that foster ethical and social responsibility.


MATEHETSZ aims to help and shape the development of the Hungarian talent management system in Hungary and beyond. It provides a solid basis for talent management and development by cooperating with and helping its affiliated organisations. In addition, it contributes to the identification and support of talent through educational programmes and events.

West London Synagogue of British Jews

They are a lively, active, inclusive community of progressive Jews. Their goal is to provide an exciting and spiritually nourishing Jewish life for everyone of all ages, from religious services to social action, from community activities to study and learning, from religion school to youth clubs and everything else besides.

Leaf Academy

They are an international high school with students from the Central European region and beyond. They provide a 4-year and 2-year high-school programs for talented students regardless of their socio-economic background.

Center for Talented Minds

CTM (Center for Talented Minds) is for children and students from about 5 years of age to high school graduation who prefer individual and flexible approaches in their studies. CTM helps them gain English proficiency, respects their learning pace and their passion for exploring subjects they enjoy.


Association AKWEDUKT is an initiative for the people of Kwidzyn who want to develop their city and their own interests and at the same time want to help others. Their aim is to bring positive change to society and specifically to young people by working closely with youth from different countries and by making common projects.

McKinsey Digital (IncepTech)

They understand business challenges and rapidly design, build, and launch data-driven smart digital solutions while training a client-side SWAT team to master them.

Bridge Budapest

They are building a movement of value-based and long-term-minded business actors, which allows them to contribute to creating a world of meaningful work where knowledge and performance matter. Where not only a few companies are committed to social issues but that is the base of leadership, and where leaders have a conscious, long-term strategy for what they would leave behind.
They are doing all this for a more competitive and lovable business future and country, a country that is not worth leaving or that it is worth coming home to.

Weizmann Institute

Weizmann Institute of Science has a long history of research and discovery rooted in a mission of advancing science for the benefit of humanity. In parallel, it educates a substantial proportion of Israel’s scientific leadership and advances science literacy in schools and among the public.

International Science Summer Institute

Davidson Institute of Science Education is a non-profit organization that serves as the educational arm of Weizmann Institute of Science. We believe in connecting people to science, and therefore we initiate, organize, and operate a wide range of educational programs. We strive to be a professional epicenter for students, parents, and the general public, as well as for teachers and academics, in the fields of governance and education.

Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event

The Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event was launched in Finland in 2003 as an idea by Pekka Elo, a member of the Board for the Development of Philosophy and Ethics Education. Today the event serves as a preparatory phase for the International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO). It is a philosophy essay event for high school students organised with the help of UNESCO ASPnet of Finland, the Finnish Association of Teachers of Philosophy and Ethics, the Finnish Philosophical Association and the Association of Women and Feminist Philosophers in Finland, the Norwegian High School Philosophy Association. As an IPO founder country, Turkey received an invitation for the first time in 2011.


ICYD (International Competition for Young Debaters) is an annual debating competition in the British Parliamentary Format that was set up to encourage younger students to take up debating and to give them a chance to debate against students of their own age, with motions more suited to them. While a prestigious title to gain in itself, their aim is that, having competed in ICYD, students and schools will be more confident when entering senior competitions such as the Oxford Schools’ or the Cambridge Schools.