Our mission is to educate the future thinkers and leaders who will meet the challenges of the 21st century and shape tomorrow’s Hungary. We believe that this requires leaders and communities that include people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and experiences. To achieve our mission, we need to break through glass ceilings and create opportunities for all committed students, regardless of their background or financial situation, to receive an adequate education.

Let us all work together to shape the Hungary of tomorrow!

As a non-profit organisation, we provide scholarships for our students partly from our own resources and partly from donations, so we welcome contributions of any amount.

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Through our scholarship programme, the Milestone Institute has supported the studies of 477 students since its foundation, usually over several academic years, for a total of more than HUF 150 million.

All of our scholarships are needs-based, enabling young people to participate in our educational programmes who would otherwise not be able to study at our Institute, or would face great difficulties in doing so. Our students usually apply for Needs-based Scholarships, which offer partial tuition fee reductions, or also for Bridge Scholarships, which offer full tuition fee waivers – find out more about our scholarship scheme here.

Sipos Alexandra

Alexandra Sipos

Bridge Scholarship receiver, Access Programme

2021– 2022

“The Milestone Institute has contributed to my future plans and offered me a wide range of opportunities such as competitions, study programmes and an open community. For me, the scholarship is an open door to an easier future with lots of plans.”


Kristóf Baumann

Needs-based and Academic Scholarship receiver

Senior Programme 2021-2022

“Thanks to Milestone, I have been able to learn about subjects such as astronomy and programming, which, although very useful and important, are not (necessarily) taught in traditional secondary schools. It was thanks to Milestone that I realised that I wanted to study astronomy at university and have a career in this field. If I hadn’t been able to attend Milestone, it would be much harder to prepare for the university years ahead of me now, as I would have missed out on these subjects completely.”

Horváth Tina

Tina Horváth

Bridge Scholarship receiver,2019 – 2021,

currently a student at Central European

“I received a full tuition fee waiver from Milestone, which gave me the opportunity to explore the Institute’s modules and a strong foundation for developing my academic interests. The structure and methodology of Milestone’s teaching system also made it very easy to get used to the university structure.”

Csóka Milán

Milán Csóka

Bridge Scholarship receiver 2018-2020,

currently studying at the University of St Andrews

“Without the Bridge scholarship, I would not have been able to study at the Milestone Institute. I am very grateful to the Institute because it opened my eyes to many new disciplines I had not known before, such as psychology, neuroscience and statistics. The wide range of modules helped me to find the direction I wanted to study, which is none other than geography.”


It is very important for us to make our scholarship funding system sustainable in the long term. This is greatly aided by private donations from our dedicated parent community and other supporters who share our values, as well as by our long-standing partnerships with various organisations. We are particularly pleased that, in the second decade of our Institute’s existence, our alumni feel it is important to support our scholarship fund as part of their social responsibility.

We currently accept donations in the following ways:

  • Using PayPal – a simple form of support that can be used with a credit card for one-time or regular donations, available with a SimplePay account or without registration;

  • Milestone Education Association bank account number:
    12011351– 01760927– 00100007.

In case of a bank transfer, please include the MS Scholarship Fund in the statement and notify us of the transfer by e-mail to finance@msinst.org – this will help us to thank you for your support and to track the funds.

Please kindly note that the Milestone Education Association is not yet a public benefit association, so the contribution cannot be used to reduce corporate tax or the tax base, and we cannot issue a certificate of support for this particular purpose. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us at finance@msinst.org.


For individuals

Support equal opportunities!

Be a part of a progressive and cohesive community dedicated to creating a better, diverse and competitive Hungary in the 21st century
With your one-time or regular support, you can help our student community members coming from all backgrounds and represent the interests of the widest possible section of society as future leaders with democratic-egalitarian principles.


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Donate by bank transfer

If you are interested in supporting our goals in other ways (through your professional contacts, by supporting our fundraising events or any other way), please contact Tünde Szabó, Director of Operations at tunde.szabo@msinst.org.

For companies and organisations

Let’s catalyse social progress together!

Our scholarship system aims to ensure that our internationally recognised education programmes are open to all talented young people who want to make a difference, regardless of their social background.

We believe that our students are the thinkers and scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future who understand the importance of acquiring and continuously developing internationally competitive skills. They are democratic and egalitarian, with innovative ideas and ground-breaking solutions that can actively contribute to change and provide answers to the world’s most pressing challenges – whether it’s the climate crisis, gender inequality, promoting social dialogue or any other complex issue that needs to be addressed.


Donate via PayPal

Donate by bank transfer

If you are interested in supporting our goals in other ways (through your professional contacts, by supporting our fundraising events or any other way), please contact Tünde Szabó, Director of Operations at tunde.szabo@msinst.org.

For our alumni

Support the next generation!

As a Milestone alumnus, you know that our core value is the common good: we believe in a progressive society based on equal opportunities, a sense of community defined by the values of openness to others, responsibility and solidarity.

Through your one-time or regular support, you can help to ensure that Milestone continues to be a place where social and economic disadvantage is overcome and where diversity is a core value for the resilience and long-term success of students.


Donate via PayPal

Donate by bank transfer

For any questions regarding support or if you are interested in participating in our fundraising activities in any way, please contact Tünde Szabó, Director of Operations at tunde.szabo@msinst.org.


Through our scholarship scheme, our students have received more than 150 million HUF in financial support since our foundation, mostly from our own resources. In order to ensure long-term sustainability, from the 2021-2022 academic year, we will continue to develop our fundraising activities, in addition to offering our educational programme as an association.

You can read more about our association here, and a report on our fundraising activities and results for the academic year 2021-2022, the use of the scholarship budget and our plans for the academic year 2022-2023 here.