Milestone Intézet - Céljaink


Our vision is to create a progressive and supportive community in our home country, dedicated to building a Hungary that is competitive in the 21st century. With democratic-egalitarian principles, it can actively contribute to change with innovative ideas and innovative solutions, and provide answers to the most important challenges of the world around us.

The Milestone Institute’s mission is to act as a catalyst of societal progress. To achieve our goal, we train the intellectuals, scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future through our internationally recognised, unique educational approach and we have created a hub for research, social action and entrepreneurial initiatives.


The Pursuit of the Common Good

The Milestone Institute believes in a progressive society based on equal opportunities where the Sensus Communis is defined by openness to otherness, accountability and solidarity.

Hiszünk az esélyegyenlőségen alapuló progresszív társadalomban,  a másokra való nyitottság, a felelősségvállalás és a szolidaritás értékei által meghatározott közösségi érzék fogalmában.

Leadership through Excellence, Humility and Integrity

The Milestone Institute seeks to inspire the members of its community to lead by example, through intellectual rigour, uninhibited imagination, personal integrity and humility in all manner of conduct.

Borders are there to be Crossed

The Milestone Institute aims to foster local dialogue where a global monologue has prevailed, and global outreach where parochialism has set root, to work towards a sustainable ecosystem that brings 21st century society in harmony with its natural environment.

A határok azért vannak, hogy átlépjük őke
Kreativitás és Innováció

and Innovation

The Milestone Institute’s ambition is to be a node of creativity and innovation to unfold synergies between the Sciences and the Arts.

Rooting the Future
in Tradition

In its endeavour to build the path towards the future, the Milestone Institute intends to be in continuity with the finest traditions of intellectual thought.

Hagyománytisztelet és haladás
A humort, a szellemességet és a játékosságot az önteltségtől és önelégültségtől megóvó alapvető értékeknek tekintjük.

Humour and Mischief

For the Milestone Institute, playfulness, humour and mischief are the fundamental qualities that guard against self-righteousness.