Where is Milestone located?

We are located in the heart of Budapest, at 1064 Bajza utca 44. For further information and contact details, please see our visitor center or contact us directly.

How much does it cost to attend Milestone?  

The tuition fee is HUF 750,000 (including VAT), and we offer needs-based and merit scholarships in order to ensure that financial considerations will not act as a barrier for talented students. For more information about our scholarships, go to the “Tuition Fees & Scholarships” section of our website.

When do I have to pay my tuition fee?

Payment is required upon admission to the programme, within 15 days after the contract has been signed.

Is it possible to pay the tuition fee in instalments?

Instalment plans are available upon request, subject to a case-by-case decision. Applications for payment in instalments should be submitted in writing to finance@msinst.org

Do all of our students gain admission to top universities?

Milestone students generally proceed to one of the world’s top 100 institutions of higher education. Although we cannot guarantee successful admission in every case, the fact that virtually all of our alumni have received offers from top universities speaks for itself.

Do Milestone students apply only to British universities?

Our students increasingly apply to universities in other countries, notably the United States, and we currently have alumni studying in France, The Netherlands or Sweden, and even in China, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Can I request a personal consultation with Milestone staff or faculty?

To request a personal consultation and make an appointment, please consult the “Personal Consultation” section of our website.

What happens at an Open Day?

Our Open Days offer you the opportunity to obtain a real feel of the Institute’s buzzing academic and social life, and to learn about Milestone first hand. Attending an Open Day is not a requirement for applying to Milestone. To find out more about our Open Days, click here.


When and where can I apply for admission?    

Admissions for the 2020/21 academic year are open. To find out more about our entrance exam, click here. If you wish to apply, please use our application form.

When does the admissions period begin and end?

Our online application form is open from 1 November 2019. The deadline for applications for the first test round is 12th February 2020. The deadline for all applications is 11th March 2020.

Do students already enrolled in Milestone have to submit an application to continue their studies in the next programme year?

No, if they fulfil all the requirements for completion of their current academic year, students do not have to apply for the following year.

If I am not able to attend an entrance exam in person because I am not in Hungary, is there an alternative? 

At the sole discretion of the House Heads, in exceptional cases, we may conduct an admissions interview via Skype. However, to gain admission to the programme, candidates are also required to take the written entrance tests in person at the Institute. To request an interview via Skype, please contact: admissions@msinst.org.

How can I find out more about the admissions process? 

You can read about the admissions process in detail here.

Can I find out why I was not admitted to Milestone?

Unsuccessful applicants can request feedback about their performance in the entrance examination and the admissions interview. Such requests should be sent to: admissions@msinst.org

Is it possible to resit the examination? 

The entrance examination may only be taken once in each cycle. Those students who did not receive an offer of a place are encouraged to apply again in the following academic year.

Is there a chance to defer my studies? 

In certain exceptional cases, such as an exchange year abroad, requests for deferral to the next academic year may be granted. For further information, please contact: admissions@msinst.org

What level of English is required to gain admission to Milestone?

As a general guide, applicants are expected to be able to understand complex texts and ideas in English and to be able to express and articulate their thoughts, both orally and in writing, in plain and intelligible language. Candidates who apply for the Junior and Senior programmes are required to communicate fluently and effectively at C1 level.


When does the academic year start and finish?

Each academic year starts in May and lasts until the following May. The academic year is divided into three trimesters: summer (from May to July), autumn (from October to December) and spring (from February to April).

How much time do I need to dedicate to Milestone?

Students have 14 sessions with their mentors during each academic year. Additionally, they take modules worth 32 credits (usually four 8-credit modules in total) over the course of each academic year, but it is up to them to decide how many modules they take per trimester. There is no upper limit to the time students may spend at Milestone: many of our students spend much more time here than they are required to.

Is it possible to manage the Milestone workload in parallel with secondary school?

According to our recent student satisfaction survey, 85% of Milestone students answered ‘yes’ to this question, though the programme of course requires commitment.

Why does the Milestone programme run partly during the summer holidays?

The main reason is that since students do not have to attend high school during summer, they are able to focus exclusively on their Milestone studies in the summer term, which takes place largely in June and July. Additionally, by establishing a proper schedule, students learn to manage their time effectively, given the relatively short period before the autumn and winter university application deadlines. We therefore recommend that students take their vacations in August, which is our teaching-free period. Students in the Senior year are required to make themselves available in June and July.

Is it possible to balance my studies at Milestone with time-consuming athletic or other extracurricular activities?

Many of our students are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, such as drawing classes, that take up much of their time. While the same rules apply to these students, we do our best to respond flexibly to their needs. Moreover, we also encourage our students to engage in activities that would contribute to the success of their application for universities and scholarships.

When do modules take place?

Given that our students are usually in school during the day, most of our modules don’t start before 5pm on weekdays. Furthermore, we hold many modules on Saturday, not least to facilitate the attendance of students who do not live in Budapest.

Is it more difficult to participate in Milestone if I do not live in Budapest?

The short answer is yes. We try to be as flexible as possible (for example by allowing students not resident in Budapest to have mentoring sessions via Skype), but personal attendance at the modules is required, also to benefit fully from our academic programmes. Nevertheless, 30% of our students live outside of Budapest.

Does studying at Milestone substitute high school?

No. Milestone supplements the education students receive in their secondary schools, but it cannot replace it.

Can I participate in mentoring without taking any modules?

No. Taking modules and attending mentoring sessions are both essential elements of our student-centered educational programme.

Is it possible to enter the programme after the start of the academic year?

We advise against this, not least because the tuition fee covers the educational services we provide during one academic year.

Does the Milestone Institute provide language courses?

No. However, since the official language of instruction is English, the language skills of our students necessarily improve.

Does Milestone organise preparatory courses for IELTS exams?

No, but we can provide information and counselling upon request.

Do you offer SAT prep courses?

Yes, students can take SAT exam preparation courses at Milestone.

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