Milestone application form

Your application forms a crucial part of the process, so please provide as comprehensive information in the form below as possible.

Academic Requirements

Applicants are reminded that in order to be accepted onto the Sophomore, Junior or Senior programmes, a minimum academic average of 4.0 (“tanulmányi átlag” in the Hungarian system) is required (excluding the grades for discipline – “magatartás, szorgalom”). In cases where this minimum requirement is not met because of extenuating circumstances (medical conditions, etc.), candidates are requested to contact to discuss any potential application. Applicants to the Freshman programme should be aware that NO academic average is required. It should be noted that in cases where an application has been made, and the requirements for entry have not been met, then the Institute regrets that it is unable to refund the admission fee.

Admission Fee

The admission fee is 10.000 HUF, which is to be paid after the submission of the admission form with credit/debit card. Please get your payment details ready before filling out the form as you will immediately receive a payment email from számlá after submission.

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Please keep in mind that in order to be considered for the programme you must make sure to submit the form before the deadline.

You can find some tips on filling out this application form in our Admissions Form Guide.