Module Leader

Module teaching simultaneously offers orientation, immersion in a given field and space for the development of core skills in English. Currently, 125 academic Modules are offered at the Institute across the four years of Academic Programmes, allowing students to experiment and gain direct experience of what it is like to study a particular discipline. Through this process, students also encounter a broad range of topics, methodologies, theories and ideas that support them in becoming well-rounded, critical thinkers capable of breaking down disciplinary boundaries and tackling contemporary problems.

Module teaching offers opportunities to work with small groups (6 – 12 students) of talented and motivated students from different backgrounds. Module Leaders inspire students towards their subject area, broadening students’ field of academic and professional interest. Beyond providing in-depth knowledge of their field, skilled Module Leaders develop students’ key academic skills, demand an active participation from their group and encourage independent learning, all of which represent the teaching philosophy of the Institute.

It is in this spirit that the Milestone Institute seeks to appoint highly committed and talented professionals as Module Leaders, a post which demands exceptional interpersonal, management and communication skills. A strong academic background, an empathy with young people, drive and determination are all important requirements of the post. In addition, as all mentoring and teaching within the Institute is carried out in English, a full and professional level of proficiency in writing and speaking in English is essential.

Current Mentors: If you are currently mentoring Milestone students and would like to start teaching a module, please submit your application for the Module Leader post via the “Module Leader Application Form – Current” link below.

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