Miklós János Dürr

Chair of Regional and Legal Studies

Miklós holds a PhD in Human Geography from Durham University, UK. His thesis explored urban segregation governance in the city of Miskolc, particularly through the lenses of penal and social policy. His broader academic interests include, but are not limited to, smart cities, gentrification, infrastructures, nationalism, and international development, as well as Marxist, post-structuralist, and postcolonial social scientific traditions. He previously worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Geography at Durham University, where he taught numerous undergraduate modules including Social Research, Geographies of Crisis, Planet Under Pressure, and Urban Geography, and he was also involved in the running of student field trips. In his free time, Miklós is an avid home cook and enjoys playing blues and rockabilly on the piano, hiking in the forest, swimming, and angling.