The Milestone method is the result of a unique development work over the past decade, combining methodological achievements in international higher education with the Institute’s own professional innovations such as student-centred, personalised education and experience-based decision-making. Our teaching promotes research and project work, and allows for immersion in high-level academic subjects as well as practical applications. We encourage our students to recognise their strengths, find the area that best suits their talents, and prepare them to become leaders in their personal and professional lives, thus providing a useful service to the society in which they live.


The Milestone Method,

  • Excellent quality academic programmes taught in English for 8th to 12th grade secondary school students recognised by highly ranked international universities- Student-centred education in which every student’s talents can emerge and flourish
  • The experience of the joy of cutting-edge scientific discovery and learning
  • Academic and higher education orientation, broadening and deepening of interests
  • Tanulmányi és továbbtanulási orientációt, az érdeklődés tágítását és elmélyítését
  • Developing thinking and learning skills, enhancing self-expression and reflection skills
  • A community of cohesive and inclusive students who strive for excellence in their studies
  • Support in navigating the path to successful university admission, planning the necessary steps and developing the university application
  • A vibrant student life where our students develop their leadership, project planning and implementation skills


For students who:

  • Want to find their own path, make informed choices and build their future
  • Are filled with questions and want to broaden and deepen their interests
  • Want to develop their critical thinking, develop their leadership skills
  • Are intellectually open and want to explore a field of study best suited to their own interests
  • Have a good academic average and a good command of English

At the Milestone Institute we think of being gifted as a matter of uncovering potential rather than luck in the gene pool lottery. While in public discourse moments of achievement are often conflated with raw cognitive gifts, our experience is that such moments are the result of a complex process and journey: a constellation of the right intellectual challenge, inspiration, and self reflection. Our role in this process is one of exposing students to an array of impulses, and leading them down the rabbit hole of science, humanities and arts. Finding a way out of such exciting intellectual mazes is itself the journey that leads to intellectual and emotional development. Indeed, on such a journey, being branded as ‘gifted’ is one milestone amongst many others.


Core Program

4 programme years (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Can be started at any age level

Academic modules

Individual mentoring

Orientation and academic immersion

Student life

Needs-based and Bridge scholarship opportunities

Access program

1-year long “foundation year” type programme

3 types of parallel scientific and developmental sessions Individual consultations

Community-building weekends Student life

Mixed age group

Orientáció és tudományos elmélyítés

Bridge scholarship opportunity

Milestone Advising program

10-week course

Intensive, personalised

Individual mentoring

Orientation, preparing for university admission or developing a university portfolio


The Milestone Institute’s faculty are highly qualified academic and industry experts, researchers and business leaders who understand our philosophy and the world of science and business. Our instructors are passionate about their fields and impart this passion to our students through innovative, student-centred methods. They are not only dedicated to the continuous development of our students, they also continuously take part in our developmental internal training to support and educate our students at greater levels every day.. Their specialties cover a huge range from architecture, state theory and complex mathematics to genetic engineering or art history.

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The Milestone method is the result of a unique development over the past ten years, combining methodological achievements in international higher education with the organisation’s internal professional innovations such as student-centred, personalised education and experience-based decision-making.
The quality and continuous development of the system is guaranteed by our Teaching and Learning Team, whose main tasks are to design new modules tailored to students’ preferences and development paths, and to carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis of the entire education system.
The methodology we have developed has been validated by the education market, not only through our recruitment results but also through our wide academic network. These international results have enabled Milestone to enter the educational consultancy market and to help other players in the sector to develop.